The Snowdrops arrived & kicked the January blues away

I don’t understand why we need January.  Christmas is over and you have to wait all the way to Valentine’s Day to celebrate again. Everyone’s quitting alcohol & I’m surrounded by grumpy grumps who regret that extra beer at the office party and so are dishing out punishment to everyone else in the name of self improvement.  It’s cold, wet and I have to find zero cost entertainment for the boys every weekend as I panic bought my presents on December 20th, overspending massively in my sheer desperation.

But this year it doesn’t seem quite so awfully dreadful.  The snowdrops arrived a couple of weeks early here in Enmore and the church yard opposite the house is carpeted by these brave little mites happily nodding their heads in the breeze and showing the rest of January just how it’s done.   Here’s to beauty. Here’s to joy.  January – this year I rather like you!



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