faircatch infographic

Our friends at Faircatch

If you’re lucky enough to live in Wandsworth then you’re in for a treat courtesy of my lovely friends Guy and Ilona who’ve just launched a wonderful new sustainable food venture, Faircatch in South West London. The idea’ s like a veg box for fish but critically the fish is fresh, very fresh – in fact it gets to you about 4 hours after leaving the sea.

They aim to deliver the  highest quality fish, while paying local fishermen a fair price and helping to protect our coastal cultural heritage and the marine environment.

We’ve known the Dorrell’s for longer than any of us care to mention and we know that this is a labour of love from a family who love nothing more than to cook great food, entertain  and celebrate with their friends. We wish them the very best of luck and if you fancy trying out the scheme for yourselves then please head on over to Faircatch.co.uk where you’ll find lots more details on how to order.

In celebration of Faircatch we’re going to have a weekly fish post moving forward celebrating the very best of our local fish and seafood.



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