Lucy’s Garden

Lucy’s Garden is my home set deep in the Somerset countryside.  I live here with my sons, husband (The Blonde) and my wonderful if slightly stupid spaniels

The garden itself is just over an acre and provides us with a bounty of food that provides me with inspiration for this blog. We eat what the garden provides meaning that the recipes here are normally seasonal and I try to use local ingredients if I can. This may mean you get ever so slightly bored with me over the winter months as I try to find another way to make root veg sound sexy but the in the summer I promise we’ll have some fun.

I’m passionate about my county, I’m from Somerset first and England second, so I’ll be supporting local producers and retailers and will try my hardest to provide recipes with a Somerset edge.

If I’m asked to review any products I’ll clearly signpost this.

I have to mention Andrew, my darling and incredibly talented gardener who brings the order and bounty to my garden.

If you’d like to follow me on Twitter you can find me @lucymiranda


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