An Ode to Tunnock’s Mutton Pies

A little off topic I know but I couldn’t resist this wonderful poem that manages to combine my love of food and flowers.  Tunnock’s are a legend in Scotland for their Caramel Slices and Teacakes but when they first started back in 1890 they were all round bakers of good and yummy things.  I found this advertising gem printed on the back of an old paper-bag from the factory.

“Fair are the flowers of summer, and fair are the sapphire skies.  But dearer to the Epicure are Tunnock’s Mutton Pies.

Sweet is the moon at evening calm, when soft the zephyr sighs, but sweeter to the travellers lone are Tunnock’s Mutton Pies”

If ye would be like Greeks of old in philosophic quest, get Tunnock’s Mutton PIes each day, for they are still the best”



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