Kate the Colour Guru

We had a wonderful visit today from my lovely friend Kate who is a quite an amazing artist with the most exquisitely decorated house I’ve ever had to pleasure to visit. Her Bath town house is an eclectic mix of regency and modern but what really makes it special is the colour.  It’s painted through out in jewel like colours and slinky greys that work together to create a living space full of character and light.  With 2 little & robust people under 10 to contend with she also knows a thing or two about making a home beautiful and easy to live in as a family.

Having plyed her with chicken and chorizo flan served with the first of our green house tomatoes she gave me her thoughts on colours for the downstairs rooms. For the kitchen she shuddered at my suggestion of pink (I think the phrase Spanish bodega may have been used) and instead recommended a warm grey to compliment the terracotta tiles that while not to necessarily to my taste are the most lovely quality and therefore won’t be going any time soon.

In the T-Room  she agreed with me that we should go for a washed out blue.  Her suggestion for the dining room was a sage green and in the drawing room she thought we should just lighten the colour already in situ.

The next couple of days will see me hunting around for paints to match the Pantone colours we pulled out and then the fun will really start!

Having given me all that great advice she also gave me a gift of a True Grace Candle in Secret Garden that positively zings with the scent of mint and geranium. Handmade in Wiltshire they knock the socks off  Diptyque in my opinion. If you live in Bath they can be found in Milsom Place otherwise you can find them at http://www.trucegrace.com.  I can heartily recommend them for a birthday treat or indeed a house warming present!


2 thoughts on “Kate the Colour Guru

    1. No, she’s not! I can put you guys in touch though. I think she’s also planning to open a shop in Bath, she’s looking for a location at the moment. Lx

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